Friday, 12 July 2013

Granny's favourite.

We managed to take some photo's of Rose wearing her new cardigan this afternoon. I had the cardigan blocking on the floor just outside of the back door and she kept going to check if it was dry yet or not, she'd been desperate to have it on to wear ever since she saw me pinning it out early this morning.


In the end she actually only wore in for 10 minutes before saying "Mummy, too hot!" I did warn her it was too warm today to be wearing a cardigan but she wouldn't listen.. she is a very stubborn little girl!

The pattern is available to buy here on Ravelry and the yarn I used was Rooster almerino dk in colour 213 (cherry). I bought the yarn when I was back in Dorset from Bridport Yarn which is a gorgeous shop. I originally planned to knit a jumper for Arthur with the yarn but then I realised the colour was much more suited to Rose and I had other idea's for items I wanted to knit for him anyway. It was Amazing to knit with, glided over my needles and is so super soft now it's knitted up.

I've really got my knitting mojo back now...  I can't believe that there were Months when I was pregnant with Arthur that I didn't knit a single stitch! All of that time that I wasted where I could have gotten lovely things made.. ahh well, I must have felt Really tired if it meant that I couldn't face my knitting needles!



  1. Gorgeous, lovely colour too. Sarah x

  2. awwww shes sooooo adorable- you make such lovely things xx

  3. Lovely cardi, and Rose is looking sooo grown-up!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. What a GORGEOUS little girl!
    The cardigan is beautiful, I can understand why she just had to wear it!! :)

  5. Gorgeous cardi and Rose looks really pretty!

    S x

  6. What a gorgeous girl and lovely cardi. I really love red cardi's on girls and I am sure that cardi will see lots of use. My little one loved wearing her red cardi that granny gave her and it was most certainly her fav. Thanks for following my blog, as now I have found this lovely place to visit!! Hope you have a lovely day xoxo

  7. Maybe she was just so excited about her beautiful new cardigan, that's why she insist to wear it! =) Such a cute little girl.