Monday, 12 September 2011

A very pro-active week...

I'm feeling really happy at the moment... that might have something to do with the fact it's only a few day's until we go to Spain though!

Since we got back from visiting family in Nottingham I feel like I've been much more pro-active and have got loads done. Because I'm at home with Rose all the time, sometimes I find myself thinking 'What did I Actually get done today?!', it's easy to forget how much time is actually spent sorting the house out and caring for Rose...

This photo was taken when we were in Nottingham (she always has great timing for when she wants a feed, just before I eat my breakfast!)

I've almost covered the whole fridge with my SW certificates, looking at them helps me to stay away from the biscuits.. only sometimes though!

After moaning about the garden in my post that I wrote the other day, I decided to get some motivation together and get out there to sort it out!
Luckily we had a relatively sunny afternoon a couple day's ago and I put rose in her activity station thing outside and I got to work. After almost an hour of good behaviour from Rose and a few scratches to my arms (Rose thorns), I had filled 4 massive bin liners full of garden waste.

In just a few weeks it had gone crazy out there... probably because of all the rain, but everything looked so forgotten about and overgrown!
I've decided that I HATE Nasturtiums..!! I got given a couple of tiny little Nasturtium plants and so in the ground they went... but they then proceeded to Completely take over my tiny garden. In a couple weeks they had grown over everything and because my garden is quite dry usually and doesn't get loads of sunshine on one side, it just made matters worse. So out they came! And now every thing's looking much better.... :-)

I've also finished my auntie's birthday present and I'm completely thrilled with it, I'll have to wait until we get back to show you it though as i don't want to spoil the surprise...



  1. what a beautiful photo of you and Rose x
    well done on the gardening, i really need to do the same.....sadly its raining ;o)
    have a fabulous holiday
    love jooles x

  2. This is such a lovely post. Rose is so cute feeding. The Prince still has a 7pm feed which I STILL can't get him off but I think it's because we both enjoy it and neither of us are ready to stop yet.
    It's fine, I think it's important to be happy!!!
    You look great, well done on the weight loss.
    Hope you have a fab holiday (VERY jealous!!!)
    Gem xx x x

  3. awww so sweet ;0) twinny still breast feeding at 18 months, but only at nights now. wish i could have done it longer than 6 weeks. think i could do with SW i think ive over indulged this summer!.
    lovely piccys ;0) lovely blog! xx

  4. My garden is looking a bit sad and bedraggled at the moment - but today is a bit windy to go out, I think I would get blown away. I think you have done very well considering that you have a little person to take up your time!

    Pomona x

  5. I love your photo! You both look so content! Cx

  6. what a sweet photo, you and Rose!

  7. Well done with the SW target!! You look gorgeous. I've lost 3lb with SW so far which I'm pretty happy about because I'd come to a bit of a stand-still with Weight Watchers. Your garden's looking pretty and I love that photo of you and Rose. Looking forward to seeing your Auntie's pressie. Hope all's well with you.

    Nicki xx

  8. I bet your garden looks fab now, it's a great feeling when you've got stuck in and really got something worthwhile done. I mistakenly left my nasturtiums to go to seed a couple of years ago and I'm still pulling the resulting plants out now. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  9. Sounds like you have been very busy!!

    Look at all your SW certificates!! How have you found it? Do you have to do lots of weighing and mesuring?

    We're (Mum and I) supposed to be going this week but it's my birthday in 10 days so I'm thinking I might as well wait until after then!!

    S x

  10. Lovely post, you & Rose look just perfect, bet your garden is full of delights now.

    Have a wonderful holiday sweetie x x x x

  11. Oooh, there's nothing like a good purge to make you feel like you've achieved something. Well done!
    Emily x

  12. Dear Ashley,

    It is lovely to see the face behind the blog! (The breakfast looks pretty deicious too!)

    Well done for being so proactive! It is all about juggling with a little one, isn't it? Those days, however, when you wonder if you have done anything constructive, please just remember the most constructive thing of all is that gorgeous baby of yours!