Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sniffles and sewing...

I've been working on my auntie's birthday present any moment I can get, I have less than two weeks to get it done and I'm starting to panic that I won't have it ready in time. Usually that would be plenty of time to finish it, but lately I don't seem to get much free time in the day and then when it comes to the evenings, Rose has to be fed and put to bed, dinner has to be cooked and eaten and then any time that I have left in the evenings I don't really want to sit glued to the laptop or sewing machine and ignoring Ray!

I can't show too much of it as it's sort of a surprise what I'm making for her, but when she's received it I shall put a photo on here for you to see.

We've had a few sleepless nights recently, Rose has an awful cold at the moment and she keeps waking all through the night from coughing. I've got my fingers crossed that she won't wake tonight, I've put baby vicks rub on her and the nursery smells like olbas oil. It would be sooo lovely to have a good nights sleep but I doubt it'll happen!

My tomatoes have Finally started ripening... I thought it would never happen!

The garden is looking a little bit neglected at the moment, I just can't seem to find enough minutes in the day to get anything much done out there. Sometimes it just too hard to find the motivation to go out when it's miserable weather... laziness on my part really!

It's my best friends birthday today and I sent a parcel of mainly home-made gifts to her. I kept to a 'kitchen' theme as they're moving into a new house soon and thought it would be nice to have some things she could make use of. I crocheted a dishcloth, prettied up a tea-towel, made an oven-glove and bought a pretty apron.
Here's the oven-glove...

I really did struggle with the bias-cut binding though, I've never sewn on binding before and found it really tricky to get right.

I'm busy packing and getting ready for our holiday at the moment. We're going on our first family holiday abroad later on this month and I'm starting to panic slightly that I wont have a clue what to pack for Rose! I have had some brilliant advice already about it.. but if anyone has any tips for taking a baby on a plane, I'd be most grateful..!

On another note... I reached my Slimming World target last night!
I'm so happy and am celebrating tonight with Hagen-daaz ice-cream! :-)



  1. Wow, Rose looks such a big girl now, all sitting up on her own. I cant wait to see Letties present all finnished, she gave Nan the job of getting her a 'surprise present', which will be interesting!!!
    Lots of t-shirts and dresses, all stuff that is cool and not too restictive, also remember to take Roses own blankets, for familar smells. Also breast feeding when taking off and landing should help with the 'popping ears'. I hope that this helps.
    love you lots
    Love Mum xxxxxx

  2. Yeah Mum is right, breast feeding will definite help the ears to equalise.
    Where are you going?! How lush, hope it is nice and warm.
    So sorry Rose is poorly, horrid when they are ill and tough on you with no sleep.
    Love the presents, you are clever, I don't know how you do all this making and crafting with a wee Rose around!!!

  3. Awe congrats on reaching your target! Perfect idea for celebration although mine would be ben & jerrys! I hope rose feels better soon! I have a cold too, and I struggle as an adult when I can't breathe so I can't imagine how bad it must be when you can't say what's wrong!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday! Where are you flying off to? x

  4. Congratulations on reaching your target, you can ease off a little now. What gorgeous presents, your friend is very lucky, the oven glove is so pretty. Have a lovely holiday, I hope you're going somewhere nice and warm.

  5. There isnothing nicer than home made gifts, i'm sure your best friend and aunty will be very happy with theirs. Hope you have a wonderful break abroad. Remember to take a change of clothes for Rose in hand luggage, the first time I took Alice at 17months old she vomited everywhere! Good luck and have fun xox

  6. Hi Ashley! Noticed that you've joined in over at Amanda Makes! Just wanted to say thank you for following me and how lovely your blog is. Rose is scrumdiddlyumptious1 Makes me wish that my girlie was still so little! (She's 13 now!Still gorgeous though!!!) xxxxxx

  7. Well done on reaching your target!! Slimming World is brilliant! They helped me!!
    Hope Rose is feeling better soon. Cx

  8. Well done on meeting your slimming world target!! I think I need to go on a diet :( I've got no will power though haha! Maybe soon!

    I do hope Rose is feeling better in time for your holiday, she looks so cute sitting up in your pic :)

    Louise xx

    PS- Looking forward to seeing what you have made for your auntie's birthday!!

  9. Baby on a plane you say. Someone suggested calpol satchets to us (sorry can't remember who it was) - very good idea. I actually wish I had given her some (or mediced) before we took off just incase.
    I am sure you will be far more organised than us but layering on the clothes front is also handy. I assumed it would be pretty cold (often can be on a plane) and dressed Mabel accordingly but when we got off the airport in Spain was so hot and I really wished she wasn't wearing an all in one babygro (ready to go to bed but getting very sweaty).
    And my last tip would be just not to worry about other passengers. Who cares if she is noisy, you are never going to see them again!
    And loads will have children so be fully sympathetic anyway. Where are you heading to? Very jealous, holidays are fab fab fab,
    Nelly xx

  10. Nice thumb nail Ash!!!! Oooohhh, realy excited now xx