Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Arthur is now a walking 1 year old!

Arthur is no longer my little baby, he is fast becoming a walking toddler!
This video was taken a week before his 1st birthday on the 2nd of December and he's much more confident now, he's walking all around the house.. following me everywhere!! He can turn corners now without toppling over so Rose hardly ever has a moment of peace without him following her and trying to wrestle her! They are definitely ones to enjoy some rough play, if I hear Arthur crying out I'll go into the room their in and check no ones hurt and Most of the time I catch him being rougher with Rose than she is to him. He's finally getting some pay-back time are being pushed around for months by his big sister! 

I've been finishing off a few more craft projects...

I crocheted these maybelle flowers aggess ago with the intention of making them into a garland and then for a month they sat forgotten about while I got on with other things, then when I returned to finish off the garland I decided I'd actually prefer the look of them as a cushion instead. I turned the flowers into the Maybelle squares and then added a slightly floral red backing fabric and I love the way it's turn out. It now has pride of place on my sofa.

I finished off the little cardigan I was knitting for Gem's bump... it's supposed to be unisex as they don't know the sex of the baby but the blue buttons are quite floral.. Oh well, I think they look lovely. Even if the baby is a boy, a little bit of prettiness never hurt anyone! 

I came across my Best ever charity shop find the other day. I never come across items like this usually but I was obviously having a very fortunate day! This crocheted granny square throw/shawl was put in the charity shop by some crazy person and it was priced at only £7.50! I absolutely adore it and it's made with 4ply yarn so must have taken forever to make, I can't believe someone got rid of it!

Last night I finished Rose's Maggie rabbit that I'm going to give to her on Christmas day. I'm super chuffed with her because I'm not very experienced with hand-sewing but the pattern was really detailed and it was actually pretty simple! I love her... 

Our house isn't looking very festive at the moment, as we are currently going with a brown box Everywhere theme this year... we are moving on the 3rd of January (back to Dorset!) and so we are having to pack everything up in the next couple of weeks. We're going to stay with my family for a couple of day's over Christmas so at least we'll enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer there instead!

I'm so exciting about moving but also a little terrified. It feels a bit like I'm going to be starting all over again with the whole making friends thing, I hated not knowing anybody when we first moved here to Chichester but I need to remind myself that it's totally different this time. Now I have the children as a way to meet people and I'm pretty chatty, so I should make some friends quite quickly.. I hope! We have a couple of friends that will live about a 15 minute drive from us but I'd like to get settled and meet some people that live directly in my area too.. Finger's crossed. Wish us luck!



  1. Good luck with your move you'll be fine. Love her maggie rabbit she will adore it, my little girl is always playing with her one, it's such a lovely simple pattern i can't wait until the other animal patterns come out and the knitted socks- i really need to get out more! Merry christmas!

  2. We all totally love the cardie, you clever chick.
    Loved our festive gathering, hope all well with you.
    due tmw, eeeeeeek
    x x x x x x x x. x x x x x x x

  3. How lovely to watch the video and yes once they start moving there is most certainly a little shift in the hierarchy between brother and sister and I am sure he will get great pleasure from getting his own back. I love your gorgeous cardi you made, it is beautiful and I am speechless at the fact that you bought that gorgeous crochet throw in a charity shop for so little pennies, wow!! I am sure you will love it a great deal more for it. Enjoy getting ready for your festive season and I love Rose's Maggie Rabbit, it really is very sweet and I am sure she will love it. Goodluck with the move, not the best of time, but a new year and a new start, so that will be lovely. xoxo

  4. The rabbit is gorgeous. I'm sure you'll make plenty of new friends, the move sounds very exciting.

  5. Lovely to catch up on what you've been up to Ashley and you have been busy with lots of gorgeous projects. Wishing you a smooth house move and lots of luck. Hope you'll pop back soon and keep us updated :0) xx

  6. Hello,
    We live such strangely parallel lives you and I. We have just moved house too and likewise I too am starting to think about how on earth I am going to make new friends and get all my routines back. It is loads easier with children though like you say! Gorgeous makes (yeah less similar on the crafting talent front - ha ha), that rabbit is sooo cute.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    Nelly x

  7. You are so talented!

  8. Crazy how time flies! It does not seem like 5 minutes since our little one was born, and now she is 3 and a half months!
    Love the cushion, and the granny blanket is fab, who'd put that in a CS! :) x

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  10. Felicidades por tu niño. Me encantan tus trabajos, tienes una familia hermosa.

  11. Such a great talent! I've seen some of your crochet project here on your blog page, it was really wonderful seeing it with your kids.