Monday, 20 May 2013

Arthur's blanket is finally finished!

Well, I've finally finished it!

It's taken quite a while for me to get this blanket done... about 3 months longer than I had planned to take but the time that I have free to knit these day's is a bit more limited to what I had before!
I'm completely chuffed with it, I love the look of the garter stitch in the ripple pattern and it's got a lovely texture to it.

It's knit with Rowan Pure wool DK and the pattern is one of Suzie's at The Wool Sanctuary and you get get it here on Ravelry.

I decided to pick the colours out in a random order instead of following a strict pattern with the stripes and I'm really happy with the final look of the blanket, I'm so pleased to be able to finally use it when Arthur's out and about in the buggy!

I was trying to take a photo of Arthur with the finished blanket but Rose had to obviously get in on a bit of the action!

It's all very civilized around here.....! Arthur seems to giggle at a Lot these day's, it's such a lovely sound when he's laughing. Rose and him are interacting with one another so much more now and she loves to give him kisses... even if she is a little Too enthusiastic with them!

He's such a cheeky chappie...

I'm shocked at how grown-up Rose looks in this photo. She's definitely a big two year old now! We've been potty training today (hence the lack of bottoms!) and she's done brilliantly. Let's keep everything crossed that it all goes smoothly again tomorrow! It's such a big step in my mind, no more nappies means she's really not a baby anymore... it's all going so quickly!!

Sorry for the photo-heavy post but I'm just So pleased with his blanket. :-) Now I can try and finish all of my other half finished projects that I have on the go!



  1. I absolutely *love* the garter stitch, I know it's the "basic" pattern you learn first but it's my absolute favourite :) Arthur and Rose look so cute together and they're so smiley! Congrats on getting it finished too especially with such little little-ones about :)

  2. Handy. Nan is coming up tomorrow so managed to take the photos off this to show her xx

  3. I love the colours !!!! Great !!!

  4. Such lovely kids you have!

  5. Its such a lovely blanket, the colours are gorgeous. Rose looks so much like you now, and arthur is a real sweetie he has a lovely smile xxx

  6. It's gorgeous and congratulations on finishing such a fab blanket! Good luck with the potty training, and don't worry if you have some 'bad' days sometimes they do great and then go backwards for a bit. It's a bit of a nightmare, but they get there!

    S x

  7. beautiful blanket - very Missoni!
    Love the photo of Arthur with hands behind head...
    fee x

  8. I love it, the colours are fab! :) x

  9. This turned out so well, Ashley! What is your next project? Big or small?