Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A little trip away.

Some would say that March isn't really the best time to visit the Isle of Wight but we were actually pretty lucky with the weather... if you don't count the heavy snow that we had for 2 day's after we arrived! Fortunately the snow stopped falling and melted for the next few day's after that and we had some lovely spring sunshine which we made the most of by going for couple of nice walks. 

We drove up the road to The Needles and went for a long walk out along the coast, luckily we had Rose's scooter with us so I pulled her along on that and she didn't get too frustrated with being strapped in the buggy the whole way. She was due a nap though so by the time we reached the end  of the walk and were making our way back again, she was fast asleep in the buggy... just in time for us to have a nice quiet visit to the cafe! (Arthur kindly stayed sleeping for quite a while so we were treated to a little peace and quiet!)

I'm not sure when Rose will stop napping in the day but she currently wakes up at 5:30am Every morning without fail, so by the afternoon time she's absolutely shattered. I've tried keeping her awake throughout the day the help her sleep longer at night but she just gets far too tired and becomes grouchy and clumsy.

We had a lovely day trip to a miniature village which Rose absolutely Loved. They even had a working train going around it which fascinated her (and her Dad...) Ha!

This was all followed by a delicious cream tea... we had far too many creams tea's on this holiday! I'm now attempting to get back on the diet, which I'm finding is a lot harder this time round. I just need to focus on the summer months and all the clothes I want to fit into again. I'm not huge but just that little bit bigger than I'd like to be.. 

We all took a trip to the supermarket the first evening we were there to buy supplies for the week and the man on the check-out asked me when this baby was due! (To be fair I wasn't wearing the most flattering shirt in the world..) He looked thoroughly embarrassed when Ray told him I wasn't actually expecting and I actually cried when we got to the car! I must have been feeling particularly hormonal that day but you would have thought he would have seen Rose And a newborn baby in the trolley and put two and two together.. never mind, no more chocolate for me!

Arthur's growing up so so fast.. the smiles appear regularly throughout the day and he just seems a lot more content. He's actually been sleeping All evening up in his cot in our room...he's Never done that before. Up until today, he's only settled in the evening if he's in the baby carrier on my front. So maybe we've turned a corner there, fingers crossed anyway!

The best bit about going away for the week was that Ray cooked All of the meals! Such a lovely break for me and this left me with rather a lot of knitting time, especially in the evenings. I will have to show you some of what I've been working on but right now, I'm going to try and get to bed. Maybe Arthur will be kind and let me get a couple of hours sleep before waking for a feed?! Ha! No chance!!



  1. Oh I love the Isle of Wight and it's the first place we took our son on our first little holiday as a family :-) I think it's a perfect place for children. Your trip looks lovely (despite the idiotic man on till who should know you never, ever ask a lady when the baby is due!!!).
    Very energetic of you to take a trip with such a new baby!!
    I look forward to seeing what you have been knitting.

  2. What a lovely little vacation. I've never been to the Isle of Wight- but I hope to go sometime soon. Cream teas are meant for vacation- I'm glad you indulged in a few!!

    1. They were rather yummy! Need to leave it a while before I have another cream tea though! x

  3. Lovely to get away for a few days AND see a bit of sunshine and the sea! Rose looks very sweet and Arthur very content, and sooo like his big sister. Silly old duffer at the till...A pair of glasses and a ten-week course in Gentlemanly Behaviour for him! (You look super trim in the photo!)

  4. I love the Isle of Wight and we go whenever we can, such beautiful scenery and you have taken some great photos. Rose is such a cutie and Arthur, well he'll melt anyone's heart xx

  5. I love the photo of Rosé looking at the little house. I have missed seeing you guys so much. Still entering into the last stretch of this house move, declutter and sorting out!!


  6. I hope you had a lovely time. Looks like you had a bit of ok weather at least! I love that first picture of you and Rose together - gorgeous!

    S x

  7. Beautiful photos. I hadn't realised that you don't live that far from me, I am East Sussex! Small world. xx

  8. Lovely to see you here Ashley! What a lovely trip, so glad you git to relax and enjoy yourselves. We too are currently at the heavy end of parenting with a just three year old and a four month old and know all about juggling sleep patterns!

  9. It looks like you had a beautiful little family break together :)

    Both Rose and Arthur are truly adorable, you have such beautiful children.

    I can't get over the shop assistant though how rude, his Mum obviously didn't teach him well did she!

    x x x x

  10. Hi Ashley ... I've just re-found you :)

    Loved catching up with all the knitting you've been doing.

    You really do have the most adorable children. And so what if you still have a teeny bit of a tum ... it will be gone in no time and meanwhile you have Arthur! If that shop assistant couldn't see you had two children with you I wouldn't trust his eyesight when it comes to anything else either!