Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I know, it's been a little while...

It's been ages since I've even been on my laptop... since having Arthur I've just not had the time really to sit down and browse blogs like I usually enjoy doing. Then we treated ourselves to an iPad and I just end up using the apps on there to quickly look up different things...

Then yesterday evening I found myself back in blogland and realised how much I've missed it. I've been on Instagram a Lot the last few months (my username is countryrosecrafts) but it's not the same kind of diary that I used to love writing on here. Being able to write as much as you want with a few select photo's, a blog is such a lovely thing to be able to look back through the archives and remember what you and your family got up to months or even years ago.

I find that when I'm writing the blog, I have more motivation to get craft projects finished. Lately I've had so many different projects on the go and not getting many finished, so I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would try and finish a few of my WIP's before I start anything else.

I Finally finished my Alice Caterpillar mitts! I will have to take some proper photo's to put on my Ravelry... I really really need to update my Ravelry page. Something else to try and fit in!

I'm trying to get this cardigan finished for Arthur. I've just got the inside border to finish off now, I spent far too long this lunchtime picking up hundreds of stitches... not my favourite part of knitting I have to say!

On another note, Rose is looking Extremely grown up these day's. She's now going to nursery school two mornings a week, she seems to come on leaps and bounds every time I pick her up!

We've been doing a spot of baking... Not helping me shed those post-baby pounds!

...and Arthur's gotten a Lot bigger. 

We had a real scare when he was around 10 day's old, he caught a nasty virus off of Rose and Ray and was just too little to fight it off. We took him into A&E (I didn't even know if he was poorly enough to take him in, I've never actually taken Rose to the Doctors...) about 3pm in the afternoon and by 10pm we were upstairs in the paediatric HDU, then by midnight that night he was transferred to Southampton Intensive care on a ventilator. I've never prayed so hard in all my life!

It really was the scariest few day's of my life so far. He actually recovered from the virus quicker than they expected him to and was only in Intensive care for a few days before being transferred back to our local hospital. As a woman that had only recently given birth to her second baby, I don't think all the extra added hormones helped me feel any better either! I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to carry on breastfeeding as it's so important to me but they had an amazing pump at the hospital and they were actually able to feed Arthur my breast milk through his NG tube. I thought he may have forgotten how to feed after so many day's without feeding from me but he was back on the boob like he'd never been away! haha

As you can see from the photo's, he's definitely fighting fit again! Thank goodness...

I plan to get back to blogging regularly again. It definitely makes me think to use my 'proper' camera more often. These day's I just end up using my iPhone but the photo's aren't as good as when I take them on the camera..

Well I hope you are all well, I'm sorry it's been so long but hopefully this will be me back blogging again. 

Love Ashley xxx


  1. Oh my goodness that's terrifying about Arthur being so ill. And poor you when you'd only just given birth. I was an emotional wreck after birth so I can't imagine having a very ill baby on top of that but I guess you just have to keep going especially since you have Rose too

    I'm glad to see you back blogging, and I'm glad I found you on Instagram. I think it's good fun but blogging is much better for keeping a diary of what's been going in with you. And it's something Rose and Arthur will enjoy reading in the future.

    Love those wrist warmers btw. And I especially love the drill along the side!

    Helen xx zzz

  2. Welcome back, great to hear from you again, how scary for you, Arthur being ill, Im glad all is well now, take care xxBrenda

  3. I dont think you need to be sorry Ashley with two little ones to attend to, I think we understand why & poor Arthur, so glad he has got better so quickly! that really must have been awful and scary! so glad alls ok x
    My sisters only a few months away from her birth date now...and she so reminds me of you, she loves knitting, she has made a very similar cardigan for her bump!...I'm off to see my little niece later today, she calls me her 'favourite' and has been enrolled in pre-school just after her 3rd birthday which is a few weeks away ;0).
    Little Rose is beautiful and so grown up looking since your last pics! i bet she loves having a brother xxxx

  4. What a sweet boy!!! And Rose has grown a lot !!!!! It 's good to know everything is fine !!!

  5. Helly Ashley, I hadn't realised you hadn't blogged for so long as I found you on Instagram so have kept in touch with your goings-on on there!

    You have two absolutely adorable children, Rose looks so grown-up and Arthur very cheeky ... so glad he got over his illness, that was very scary.

    Take care lovely,

    Claire xxx

  6. Such beautiful children pretty lady!
    Is it wrong that I always want to be wearing everything Rose has on? Those shoes? OMGoodness..I wish they did adult sizes! (I seem to remember I've said this before!)
    sending you a massive hug and saying 'nice to see you back'
    fee x

  7. Hello Love.

    Yes it is a lovely way to keep adiary to look back on over the years. You can post blog entries from you phone and ipad. That is what I do so it is really easy xx

  8. Well hello lovely lady :o) how lovely it is to have you back x
    Oh my goodness what a scary time you've had, happily its all well in the past and little Arthur is looking very well and happy.
    Gosh little Rose is really not so little now, what a sweetie, BTW ..... nice tights!
    love jooles xxx

  9. Hey Ashley,

    Wow time has flown by for you all. Your Rose looks so grown up now. Loving her spotty tights. Too cute! And look at your beautiful boy. So sweet.

    I know how the scare you had feels. A similar thing happened to us when my youngest was only a few weeks old. No ventilator but she was admitted into hospital and had loads of tests and stayed a week. And you are right when you have not long had a little baby it a testing time to say the least. Glad everything is ok again now.

    Yay for a blogger venturing back from instagram. I as you can tell dont have all the fancy stuff to go on there but I always like a story to the pictures and blogging although more time consuming does that beautifully.

    Love your makes cute gloves and just love that dear little cardigan you making.
    Look forward to seeing you on here more.

    P x

  10. So nice to have you back Ashley, you've been missed, but it seems you have had your hands very full! So glad to hear little Arthur is all better after being so poorly, must have been horrid for you to go through that. My, Rose looks so grown up! Loving your makes, I'm sure it's great to finish the bits off that you started :0) xx

  11. Welcome back! I have missed reading your blog.

  12. So glad little man is back to his perfect ways, what a cutie as is little rosie. Take care x

  13. looking forward to reading your blog again!

  14. I missed this post. I have been out of the state visiting grandbabies. So sorry that you had to go through that. So good that you took him into the hospital. Good thing you know a good doctor (he he). So scary.....but glad he is doing well now. (((((HUGS)))))

  15. Aw poor Arthur & poor you! What a scary thing, you did the right thing getting him to hospital though and he looks like he's no worse for it :) Good to see you back in bloggy land!

  16. How lovely to see you back - I cannot believe how much Rose looks like you! And your baby is soooooo beautiful - glad to hear he's fighting fit again - what a scare! XX

  17. So lovely to see you back. Sorry you had to go through such a scare with little Arthur. Our eldest boy was premature and spent the first 5 weeks in intensive care so I know how scary it can be. He looks like he's fully fit now. A real cutie. It's so great when they start to give you those gorgeous smiles. My little Harry is doing that now as well. Look forward to more regular posts. Fiona x

  18. Lovely to see you back Ashley. I am very glad to hear that although poor Authur, and you, have had a tough time of it he is well now. What a horrid time. By many a twist of fate I ended up having my second little on in your local hospital in Novemeber!
    Look forward to reading lots more from you.